Zoopla claims million visitors

Friday 4th September 2009
Rightmove’s latest contender Zoopla says that it joined the million mile high club in August.

The portal, which only launched property listings in February, says it recorded a total of 1.04m visitors in August, representing a month-on-month increase of 18% on July’s figures.

Zoopla’s figures also reveal that total visits in August were up 21% compared to July at 1.58m and page views were up 26% at 12.4m.
The site also claims to have recorded a 51% increase in leads generated to agents in August.

The figures take into account Thinkproperty, but not those of Propertyfinder, which was acquired by Zoopla last month.

Chief executive Alex Chesterman said: “When we combine the organic growth of Zoopla with the traffic and leads generated by the websites we have recently acquired, we believe that we are in the process of creating a very exciting proposition for agents to extend their reach and experience more value for their marketing spend as we continue to challenge some of the more established players.”

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Added by n.clarke on 2009-10-02 12:31:42

We have had our house on the market for 2 months,we based our asking price on 3 seperate estate agents estimates of £90-92000.Also for a few months before we put our house on the market we always consulted Zoopla for estimates,they valued our house at £90-95000,it was valued at this price for a few months,never really changing.So going by all these estimates we have our house on the market for £92000.
We check Zoopla weekly,but the last time we checked,our house was valued at £85000,it had gone down to that in a matter of one week.WHERE DO THEY GET THEIR FIGURES FROM?Also Zoopla says our property has rental potential of £260-340 a month.This is all incorrect,we know for a fact we could get £400-500 a month,estate agents have stated so,plus our neighbours are renting their homes for anywhere between these two figures in our street alone.

I trusted Zooplas quotes and estimates,but now,i have no faith in them.If they checked local house prices correctly and not just the last sale prices etc,they know nothing of the state or condition of properties,we have had work to the tune of £37000 done to our property,double glazed,new roof,new electric,damp-proofed,you name it.

ZOOPLAS FIGURES ARE NOT THE GOSPEL AND PEOPLE SHOULD NOT TAKE THEM AS SUCH.Zoopla has devalued our house,so anyone interested in our house who looks on their site will think we are over asking,but we are not.
Added by Feed the hand that bites on 2009-09-07 21:55:52

Well said mark w.Did you manage to come up with that all by yourself, or did the MD of Rightmove write it for you!
I gues you will be throwing a party when Rightmove increase their charges to us all again early next year.
Added by mark w on 2009-09-04 15:52:30

No agent in their right mind will leave Rightmove when such a large ammount of enquiries come from it.
Remember Yellow Pages?
Remember the old paper rates?We save £1000s a year on outdated paper advertising of which only a fraction goes to Rightmove.What we shouldn't do is jump out of the frying pan and into the fire with zoopla.In my view Rightmove are equivalent to sky tv.We all watch sky sports but when setanta tried to get more money for england games no one was interested in paying more money.Zoopla will be the setanta of the property portals.We have to stick together with Rightmove as the snario of there being 3 or 4 big portals will only mean that some agents use it as a marketing tool and we are all obliged to follow thus paying even more money!
Added by browser on 2009-09-04 14:57:51

Zoopla claims millionth marketing article on Estate Agent today...
Added by Feed the hand that bites on 2009-09-04 13:29:23

Sorry to tell you this Zoolpa but you are just another RM.You are owned by a private equity business therefore if you were ever to be able to compete with RM all you would actually do is charge agents extortionate fees for the properties they provide to you to enrich your site and pay your investors huge dividends.
Anyway the truth of it is you have acquired two failed portals and combined them into Zoolpa,or that is what you will do in the near future regarding Propertyfinder (admit it).You are only another RM without the financial clout or public recognition.Without a USP you are nothing.
When RM put their fees up again in early 2010 as they have announced they will be doing agents may start realising they need an alternative but it won't be Zoolpa.Agents need to stop feeding the hands that bite them!
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