Portals launch new services for agents

Friday 27th March 2009
Written by Rosalind Renshaw
Estate agents listing on pay-per-lead portal PropertyIndex will be able to make additional revenue from a new feature on the site, Legal Index.

The organisation will be selling HIPs from £200, EPCs from £40 and conveyancing deals – which already earn agents a referral fee – for £349.

It is suggesting that agents will be able to pass such products on to their customers at a marked up rate.

Agents can also secure additional fees by referring customers to a new panel of expert solicitors, mortgage brokers, insurance specialists and HIP providers.

Based on the same cost-per-lead model as agents pay, insurance brokers, solicitors, financial advisers and mortgage companies joining Legal Index only pay for results. Referrals are circulated to relevant members of the panel on a rolling rota, which takes into consideration geographical location.

Meanwhile, another property website, search engine Home, has added several new features. These include a facility whereby agents can click to view inquiries from buyers and sellers, and reply to these. They can also see how many potential buyers have viewed properties online.

Agents can also buy HIPs from under £200 and conveyancing services through Home and earn commission.

The announcements come as the new OFT study into estate agency gets under way. It is known that this will focus on referral fees and financial mark-ups, with the remit specifically looking at the financial relationships between agents and other professionals.

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