EPCs on all properties for sale: VERY LATEST UPDATE

Monday 8th September 2008
Written by Rosalind Renshaw
Energy Performance Certificates WILL be needed on all houses for sale that do not have Home Information Packs and that are being marketed for sale from October 1 onwards, Communities and Lcal Government has confirmed. However, we have two new clarifications to report

First, properties without EPCs can be continuously marketed from October 1, as long as the EPCs are made available "as soon as possible".

Second, agents will NOT have to include the EPC graphs on the particulars of properties that do not have HIPs. This is in contravention of earlier advice CLG issued. However, CLG would like agents to do this on a voluntary basis. It does, however, mean that agents will not have to reprint all property details which pre-dated the HIPs requirement.

This updated information comes from Peter Bolton King, chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents, who has received confirmation of these two points in writing. He said that the information needed to get out to the industry at large as quickly as possible.

More news as we get it so please check this website for further information.

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