Foxtons in claims that hackers have stolen 10,000 customer details

Wednesday 21st August 2013
Written by Rosalind Renshaw

Foxtons is at the centre of claims that its IT system has been hacked into and nearly 10,000 records stolen.

The claims, made online by Eduard Kovaks, who lives in Lasi, Romania, says that the hackers have published the records which consist of user names, email addresses and passwords which apparently belong to Foxtons’ customers.

Yesterday evening, Foxtons neither confirmed nor denied the claims and is expected to issue a statement today which we will add to this story as soon as possible.

In his claims, Kovaks does not say where the hackers have published the data, but says he does not know who leaked the information and if it really comes from Foxtons.

However, he notes that the data leak is labelled ‘part one’, which could indicate that the hackers have more information.

Kovaks is advising Foxtons’ customers to change their passwords on this and other sites as a precaution.

Other sources say that altogether the details of 9,800 people who logged on to Foxtons' website to search for properties have been published on a number of security sites.

If true, the hacking could come at an awkward time for Foxtons, which is thought to be gearing up for an imminent float on the stock market.

(4) Comments

Added by bigG on 2013-08-21 13:19:34

and who exactly is Eduard Kovaks? Hope the info is true -couldn't happen to a nicer company LOL
Added by Little Miss Piggy on 2013-08-21 10:08:13

Just like silly Toogood when he didnt change his and our default webmail passwords for the company at Square Mile

Everyone/anyone in the world could read his and our company emails! hahahahahahaha

Added by Anonymous Coward on 2013-08-21 09:55:31


One of the problems of running a website that stores user data!
Added by sceptical as always on 2013-08-21 09:19:25

nothing new about ex-employees running off with the database! trading injunction and hefty penalties to follow!

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