Free news service launches for agents' own websites

Sunday 6th September 2009
Written by Rosalind Renshaw
Estate agents can now enrich their websites by using a free a news syndication application.

The ‘widget’ allows you to add updating property market news stories to your sites, with 24-hour news feeds supplied completely free of charge by One News Page.

Creating and customising the widget is said to be an easy three-step process. You select the most relevant news content for the site, configure a suitable colour scheme and create a source tag within minutes.

Users have the freedom to choose how widely or narrowly they set their own news story parameters. For example, estate agents can specify if they want just property stories, or also take wider economic news, such as stories on UK interest or inflation rates. 

The service runs 20,000 new headlines each day, drawn from over 1,200 news sources around the world. All the archived news can be searched.

Registered users can set up live news alerts and news book marking. Registration is optional and free of charge.

Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer, CEO of One News Page, said: “A problem for a lot of sites and blogs is creating interesting content that keeps users returning.  By adding tailored live property news stories to their sites using our handy News Widget, estate agents can make their sites more sticky and compelling.”

“Our news widget is really simple to use. In a few minutes, sites and blogs can have relevant free news headlines sourced from trusted news vendors, 24-hours a day.”  Take a look at what’s on offer at

For further information, email

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Added by Martin Rugby on 2009-09-08 07:38:15

Very useful, but difficult to find on the site.

Click on the "news for my website" link at the very bottom to get there.
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