Hairy moments as agents sprout moustaches for a good cause

Friday 25th November 2011
Written by Rosalind Renshaw

They’ve got a long way to go before they reach Mike Ockenden’s famously bristling standards, but moustaches are the must-have accessory this month for staff at two of Hereford’s agents – Andrew Morris and Connells.

The chaps have cast aside their normal clean looks this month for a good cause.

The moustachioed wonders (pictured from left: Max Bukovets, Will Lloyd, Anthony Gough and Martin Pearce from Connells, and Craig Sewell from Andrew Morris) are all participating in Movember.  

Movember raises funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Pearce said: “We’ve had some funny looks but our customers and clients have been more than sympathetic when they know why we’re all looking like Freddie Mercury.”

So far they have raised nearly £500.

(4) Comments

Added by Chris Peacock on 2011-11-26 15:40:27

It always warms my heart when I hear of people doing selfless things in the name of charity.

Well done to the staff at Andrew Morris for taking the timeout to take care of some Connells types. Tough work!

Added by Agent Provocateur on 2011-11-25 09:36:50

Mike O now looks ten years younger. Guess the new age, answers on a postcard please!
Added by Jools on 2011-11-25 09:18:11

Mike O's now clean shaven ... but good work guys!
Added by Michael Saville on 2011-11-25 08:49:09

Well done chaps. Very dashing! We've raised nearly £1500 between just 3 of us...

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