NEWSFLASH: Digital portals and Zoopla to merge

Friday 14th October 2011
Written by Rosalind Renshaw

The Digital Property Group and Zoopla have just announced that they have agreed to merge their respective businesses.

The former rivals say the deal will create a credible challenger to long-standing market leader Rightmove. Rightmove shares dipped on the announcement to the stock exchange at 10.30am.
In a joint statement, the two companies said the merger is set to be a big win for estate agents and house-builders across the UK, creating a clear alternative in a market that has had a single dominant player for a number of years.

Their statement said: “The combined business will be in a position to offer a superior value proposition and wider exposure and is expected to result in an audience to rival Rightmove, delivering at least as many enquiries to its members.”
The merger will bring together brands including, and

Alex Chesterman, founder and CEO of Zoopla, said: “This deal will be transformational for both businesses, allowing us to compete effectively in a market where it takes significant investment to challenge the current market leader.

“But more importantly, the deal will deliver real value for UK estate agents and developers, and we will be in a position to provide them with the widest possible exposure and be their most cost-efficient marketing partner.”

Mark Milner, CEO of the Digital Property Group, owned by the Daily Mail which will hold a 55% stake in the new company, said: “The combined strengths of both businesses will result in world-class products and a team that continues to lead innovation for property consumers and agents alike.

“The focus will remain on providing market-leading products for our users, and an excellent service in terms of value and performance for our members, and this deal will allow us to deliver even further on that mission.”

The two companies have informed the OFT of their intention to merge.

More news on this when we get it.

(70) Comments

Added by S A Longden on 2011-10-17 11:04:02

I work for a small company and we only have 6 properties but get charged whacking amounts by RM. We tried DPG alongside RM for 6 months, got about the same amount of enquiries.
However, privately, I am registered on DPG and Primelocation have a real glitch (yes I have told them several times) in that I get sent 3 identical emails each time a property comes up or changes price, and if that original property is in the same location as a new property matching my criteria, I get sent it three times again. Boring and tiresome. I hope that when the merge with Z. happens this will iron out.
Added by tom on 2011-10-16 09:21:29

I have noticed that Sequence (who are NO real competion) in my area have removed all RM stickers ad material in favour of Zoopla this happened a couple of moths ago in all their local offices to me 13 in all.
Added by norman on 2011-10-16 09:12:40

i suspect RM will keep increasing their fees and wont be worried about loosing a few agents. their reps will be told to sell sell sell, sell the benefits etc in the usual arrogant corporate manner, and simply be told if the loose an agent or two that they have not sold the product correctlly!
Added by Sean R on 2011-10-15 19:47:36

@wardy - Findaproperty and Primelocation have been around a long time (10 years?) and think Daily Mail paid around 60 million quid for them. Zoopla is much newer and is I would guess quite a bit smaller, so I am not too surprised that TDPG got 55%. I also don't think it matters much as long as together they give RM a good run and help tame them. I still think RM is good value but unlike the last 3 years where I have seen our RM price go up almost 35% every year, I expect to see a much more reasonable increase from them over the next 3 years. And if not, I certainly expect to have a different conversation with them now than I have been able to in the past because of this deal.
Added by Ray Evans on 2011-10-15 15:17:11

Does it really matter what constitutes this 'merger'.
It should provide COMPETITION to RM!
Agents keep on moaning about RM but when something happens to try to break their almost monopoly - they keep on moaning & griping!
Wait a few weeks - see what happens - then decide.
One thing if you go with them you must ADVERTISE them on EVERYTHING just like you did with RM because in my view that is what made RM a success. Think about it. RM is advertised on all your literature etc. etc. and you do it for FREE.
Roll on 'BETTERMOVE' (just an idea ;-) )
Added by wardy on 2011-10-15 12:35:07


Rightove stock bounced back that day, infact 9 points in a matter of minuites suggesting the market didnt take to it that seriously. Also the 'merger' gave TDPG a 55% share also suggesting a bail out.

Home work done.
Added by rightzooplocation on 2011-10-15 11:40:20

Why dont Rightmove DPG and Zoopla all merge?? great idea then charge agents £1000 per month. now that would be rich pickings
Added by Sean R on 2011-10-15 11:35:58

@Winston - if you are not getting decent volume of leads from Zoopla then it sounds more like an issue with you or your stock than with them. We advertise on all the major portals and while RM is of course still ahead of everyone, Zoopla delivers good volume, good quality and good value. As the analysis in this mornings Times says 'Estate agents will certinaly be wishing the combined business well. They have long cired out for a well-resourced, innovative competitor to Rightmove, whose stock market valyue has balloned to £1.3 billion. They now have one'.


@others - those who have suggested that Zoopla did this deal becasue they were running out of money should do their homework. these guys are smart, well-funded and did this deal because they want to win and beat RM. I for one am glad they are taking RM on and think it will save us a lot of money over the next few years.
Added by QUESTION on 2011-10-15 11:35:07

“The combined business will be in a position to offer a superior value proposition and wider exposure and is expected to result in an audience to rival Rightmove, delivering at least as many enquiries to its members"

Interesting will that mean the current Zoopla £150 per month will be continued??
Added by wardy on 2011-10-15 09:54:40

So the previous story has posters complaining about the monopoly of one website and the very next story has people advocating we all jump to the next largest and have that firm consolidate into one brand creating an even bigger monster than the one we have now?
Also the previous story was about 3rd party advertising where the majority (me included) finds it irritating that RM would do such a thing. From one agents listing on Zoopla I found links and advertising to who do mortgages, loans, credit cards, health insurance, utilities, and life. To top it all off a link to Choices Property Acquisitions and Investments under the title ‘buy property below market value’. Fantastic for those of us that have a financial arm to the company. The particular agents who’s listing I’m looking at also has an auction house. Driving traffic to agents? Driving it away more like.
It’s a bit like the BBC sticking a pizza hut advert in the middle of eastenders and still wanting their license fee.
I won’t be joining Zoolpa anytime soon. The valuation model still annoys me and the 3rd partly stuff is even worse because these are direct links from the listing itself.
Added by Winston on 2011-10-15 08:29:56

come on everyone lets be really honest even though i dont like paying £££ to RM they do bring a few leads.....Zoopla however which we subscribe to bring virtually nothing......they will really have to raise their game and so far this year even with a bit of tv advertising it has made no difference to lead generation to us whereas RM has remained relatively good. Even the Zoopla rep admitted to me when he came around that he would have expected more!! you takes ya choice you pay your hard earned ££ RM you also will now have to raise your game and perhaps lower your monthlys to keep us for thought
Added by PropertyCat on 2011-10-14 21:38:13

Interesting comments here. Bottom line is:

* a market with competition is far better than one without and we all know what free-ride over us Rightmove has had over last 5 years without any decent competition
* just imagine the next 5 years if this deal didnt happen. we should welcome this news. everybody will be free to choose one, t'other or both, but at least they will have a choice
* dont think the 55/45 thing matters much. thats a shareholder thing and TDPG is bigger today so makes sense but what really matters is who runs it and how it is run
* cancelling either TDPG or Zoopla? silly question - if you are using both you must be getting value from both (I certainly am). real question is whether to cancel Rightmove on monday or wait until TDPG and Zoopla are fully merged to cancel Rightmove in a few months.

Sometimes I read these posts and wonder if we (agents in general) know what is good for us or whether we just like a good moan. For years we have been looking for someone to tame the Rightmove beast and here it is. Proper competition is coming at last. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. That's my view, anyway.
Added by Buying RM shares on 2011-10-14 20:45:04

@ The Commentator.

Probably because he / she / it doesn't have much other business marketing spend.

" Now, there is no doubt that all agents believe in the power of the internet and its importance in property searches for the general public, so doesn't it make sense to invest more money in something that is working well and is easy to use by the public to find your propertiest" . . . . Yup. . . . you just described Right Move.

Sure, the general public will all be changing away from searching on Rigtmove, now these lot have merged.

Added by The Commentator on 2011-10-14 18:41:24

Indy Agent - why don't you just cancel some other part of your business marketing spend (that isn't working as well as you'd hoped/expected) and use that saving to fund your Zoopla subscription? Or improvements to your own website?

Now, there is no doubt that all agents believe in the power of the internet and its importance in property searches for the general public, so doesn't it make sense to invest more money in something that is working well and is easy to use by the public to find your properties?

Funding what is working by diverting away from what is not working is a good way to maintain costs but increase response.
Added by Indy Agent on 2011-10-14 18:23:54

MMMMM Decisions, Decisions, do i cancel Zoopla or DPG on monday?? Zoopla me thinks as they are currently more expensive or even both as they are both as poor as each other
Added by Fritzy. on 2011-10-14 17:28:15

Monkey Tennis - please tell me you are joking?
Added by Monkey Tennis on 2011-10-14 17:25:42

There are about 5 big energy companies who run a cartel putting up the costs of our heating and the government are concerned about this monopoly and its effects on the consumer. DPG/Zoopla & Rightmove will come to an agreement to push costs up, what alternative choice does the consumer i.e estate agents have in this arrangement.
Added by Ray Evans on 2011-10-14 17:21:18


You have a point but, at least it could be competition (there is little at the moment). Who knows, if it is promoted actively by participating agents and handled professionally by the company, it could become a
"Clash of the Titans" ! ;>)
Added by Tom Smith on 2011-10-14 17:06:39

Ray - my point is we all moan a bucket full about RM having us by the short and curlies, then whats the point in replacing them with TDPG who also then have us.... is this a company that is not thinking about its own profits for shareholders, out of the frying pan into the fire if not careful
Added by Ray Evans on 2011-10-14 16:31:31


It's called Competition?
Added by kieranknight on 2011-10-14 16:29:52

I agree with thefatlady having created a monster once with RM who, if you all remember, started out charging us nothing, any portal that commits to transparent pricing significantly below RM's and commits to capping any subsequent increases is going to get my vote - although as stated already it's RM's critical mass at over 90% that is their strength but at the same time their achilies heel.
Be interesting to watch how things pan out but Fritzy you might be surprised ?!
Added by Tom Smith on 2011-10-14 16:26:22

Yes but then TDPG take over as the new RM, think they wont be putting the price up and up and up ?, and guess what we are all shouting for an alternative, i know lets try RM, they have reduced their fee to woo us back..........
Added by Despondent on 2011-10-14 16:20:03

Kevin Cox - Couldn't agree more. It is such a shame the scales are not weighted in Zoopla's favour, for all concerned. We were just about to swap but have experienced sceptical tactics at the mercy of DPG and need to give it much more thought now. We agree Zoopla were becoming a force to be reckoned with in their own right. Just hope they don't get swallowed up by the tactics of DPG.
Added by Ray Evans on 2011-10-14 16:09:36

Of course this will not finish RM.

It will be a viable alternative (?) but it must be
(as said before) One name - One goal.

Whatever name is chosen the agents using it must advertise the name on EVERYTHING - just as they did to make RM the success it became.
Added by Fritzy. on 2011-10-14 15:54:57

"2) undercut RM by 50% and commit to capped increases linked to RPI 3) convince the Zoopla board membersof Connell, Countrywide, LSL and also Haart to pull off RM"

Hahahahaha - best laugh of the day, thank you! Have you been on the danicng juice as well?!
Added by kevin cox on 2011-10-14 15:52:31

My experience of DPG has been bad and I am disappointed at the move. Zoopla I agree was albeit slowly getting there. The only reason Findaproperty was there is because of all the money thrown at it. Like most things DPG their site looked dated afterall two birds as branding represented WHAT! the team at Zoopla tho small have been great. They ahve always responded fast and politely. UNLIKE DPG. you can rest assured DPG are only in it for the MONEY .....caring about the customer =0 Great shame zoopla only got the 45% that means their creative thinking will be killed off by the weight of DPG. Just look at the Daily Mail for example now nothing more than a tabloid trash. IF Zoopla had got the 55% i would have been less worried. BUT look out boys, just dont swing from the lights just yet!! this deal might not be the Lion slayer we all need and hope for...............
Added by thefatladyinhales... on 2011-10-14 15:45:09

To twist a churchill quote - This is not the end for rightmove but if the opportunity is siezed it has the potential to be the beginning of the end!
The new outfit now only need to 1) Consolidate into one brand 2) undercut RM by 50% and commit to capped increases linked to RPI 3) convince the Zoopla board membersof Connell, Countrywide, LSL and also Haart to pull off RM so that RM immediately lose their critical dominance of market share.
These three things will then enable and encourage the rest of the industry to quickly and at last have the conviction to give RM the "finger" and swap en masse.
Outcome :- RM sink - new player dominates but prices controlled saving agents fortune - benefitting agents and consumers only loser = Miles and his happy band of parasites! Guess they didn't get wind of this a few weeks ago when all the diectors sold significant proportions of their shares!! Come on Zoopla and co sieze the day!
Added by The Commentator on 2011-10-14 15:40:50

@Despondent - Thanks for your kind words.

I'm a fan of Zoopla and what they have been achieving within the last year. I too think they were 'getting there under their own steam' to becomming a force to reckon with RM.

I truly believe it's now a stronger brand amongst the public preception of portals, and if we are lucky this is the brand name that will be chosen to represent all 4 portals (Zoopla, FindaProperty, Globrix and Primelocation) in the future.

The way that Zoopla have been putting companies together to form 'The Zoopla Network', and hence a string of introducers of leads via their powered property searches for us agents, has been fantastic (Sky, AOL, Yahoo, Gumtree, Homes 24, MSN, UpMyStreet, and even EBAY!), and maybe the DPG are just another great catch!?

I think this announcement today is a good thing, and I am sure that their pricing structure will always be good value compaered to RM's.

Zoopla has a good 'back office' solution for agents too - including prospecting and competitor analysis, so what are you waiting for? Jump now!
Added by Terence on 2011-10-14 15:20:04

What a great move. Rightmove have had the monopoly for quite some time now. It's about time someone else have them a run for their money & I do think Zoopla have the best ads.
Added by Rose on 2011-10-14 15:05:16

Disappointed investor - you are spot on in my opinion. Bailout all the way.

I commented on here around 2 months ago, asking where Zoopla's next round of funding was coming from?? DPG seems to be the cry today.

Good luck to them, it sounds as though they may need it. I just hope the next announcement is not jobs being cut, as there is some good people within both organisations.

Not sure what difference it will make to RM, unless DPG's new marketing message is "We are the number 1 property company!' However we all know consumers will have to conduct a search on numerous website's for a like for like look across.

Hope this means a reduced price somewhere along the way for me, although I'm not holding my breath.

Happy weekend people xxx
Added by Chippy James on 2011-10-14 15:00:06

I am on all three portals, and earlier this year struck my RM rep dumb by telling him that I often get the same applicants registering for the same property on all three portals.

He had obviously never heard of that happening before and it blew his spiel about how fabulous that RM was in bringing applicants in right out of the water.

It was a good day.

Added by St C on 2011-10-14 14:32:22

Look forward to telling my clients we will advertise their property on Poopaproperty
Added by Disappointed Investor on 2011-10-14 14:22:29

no wait, sorry I was wrong - they've actually gone UP.

Looks like a bailout.
Added by Disappointed Investor on 2011-10-14 14:19:43

At time of writing Rightmove's shares haven't flinched, same as when they opened this morning.


I was hoping to pickup some shares on the cheap like I did when Zoopla bought PF... or was it when DPG bought Globrix? no I it was when Google came along...
Added by Tom Smith on 2011-10-14 14:17:09

The fact that its 55% TDPG, sounds more of a bail out than a merge, could it be that all the expensive TV advertising has taken its toll on Zoopla's bank balance, just hope Zoopla does not go to the graveyard as did Globrix...
Added by Despondent on 2011-10-14 14:10:30

For the Commentator - We couldn't agree more. We felt that Rightmove could have just done enough to sink their ship. We are saddened that Zoopla haven't secured the 55% share themselves, that would certainly have been more attractive to us agents in making the decision to swop. We too are hoping that, as DPG have the larger share, they seriously think before steering the ship just on their own course. Whilst it will represent serious competition for Rightmove we feel Zoopla were getting there under their own steam. Seriously hope DPG don't impose some of their previous terms, conditions and restrictions. That would be bad news for all of us agents & Zoopla.
Added by ?? on 2011-10-14 14:07:23

So now they have three websites, all generating the same amount of hits as they did before.

Wow, rightmove must be quaking in they're boots.

I can't believe how think some of the portal people must be to keep buying property portals and doing f*ck all with them??

The more people that use the site, the more they will charge. Its one of the most basic principles of running a business.

if everyone jumped over to DPG, they're fees would be just as high as rightmove with none of thew back end stuff. For everyone that's getting excited, how about you put that excitement into brand awareness in your area and hits on your own website. Or are you stupid enough to start exactly the same cycle again?
Added by The Commentator on 2011-10-14 13:47:18

Yep, One brand, one goal! Whoo Hoo!

Let's hope that Zooplas Alex Chesterman is given some power to steer the ship, as he has been making some great moves with his portal over the last year.

I'm just a bit disappointed that DPG have 55% of the new merged company though.

But still, a major RM competitor is born! This is what we have waited for!!

Sign those direct debit mandates now guys, coz 'early adopters' may secure a lower fee?!! PLS!
Added by Ray Evans on 2011-10-14 13:13:09

Added by Chris Clarke on 2011-10-14 12:37:58

I'm with Jonnie on that
Added by Jonnie on 2011-10-14 12:27:45

Right then,

Im sure the ‘man from Zoopla’ will be watching this…………….

So, Mr Zoopla – do you get what will place you as number one? Make it one brand, focus on what the agents want behind the scenes (a version of Rightmove Plus) and you will do very well.

Bin the multi brand business model, no ones keen, and send us all a direct debit mandate soon as you are ready with the above.

Added by Confused.EA on 2011-10-14 12:24:39

How can we (as Agents) convince our Clients of the value of an alternative to RM when the brand name keeps changing every few months? This is greed in it's worst form - profits first, Clients (us) second!! What is the new name of this beast? How long before the next merger? Is there anyone left to merge with other than RM? There's a thought!!!
Added by Mike on 2011-10-14 12:20:20

the reason both groups (zoopla and DPG) have been so proactive about officially taking second place is that agents all advertise on rightmove and then choose either zoopla or DPG. This means neither zoopla or DPG can achieve property content required to challenge rightmove user experience. Following the merger, they will synchronise all properties across all 3 websites giving a credible user experience rivalling rightmove.

The big question nobody is asking here is what is the combined customer base of DPG and zoopla. If they have more agents than Rightmove, they will eventually win with traffic following property content. Standby for some interesting offers from the new group as they try to push over the top and prove rightmove too expensive.
Added by secret agent on 2011-10-14 12:17:41

Great chance for all agents to group together and invite DPG and rightmove to tender for our portal business. Can you imagine the deal we'd get if they could have all our business for one or two years?

Years ago we did the same with our local property newspapers and the agents got the cheapest page rate for miles around. Those rates are still the foundation for our current rates, which have crept up a bit.

But we made the point that newspapers cannot sell to national advertising agencies at rate card (less 20% ad agency discount) unless they carry local property, whcih guarantees the papers are read. So they need property ads. We managed to buy our space at the cost of production so the paper could sell motors and sits-vac at the much higher rates. That is the power of our content when we work together.

Let's find a way to buy from portals collectively and get bigger discounts every year instead of rip off price increases.
Added by HD on 2011-10-14 12:06:23

I wonder what price structure will be.

Zoopla charging about £240 per month for their mid level service, and we know from here that their is a real transparency of what TDPG charge/have offered people, from as Little as £50quid a month.

Will be interesting to see
Added by Tom Smith on 2011-10-14 12:00:10

On the other hand, could signal the demise of Zoopla , remember Globrix anyone ? since TDPG got hold of it, its a distant memory or could that be because its the only one that is free for agents...

Does someone sit in an office at TDPG thinking how can we make the situation even more messy ??
Added by Rebel on 2011-10-14 11:59:55

The new company has an open goal.

1. A single brand

2. RM's client base despise them & cannot wait to jump

3. Keep subscription fees sensible & they will come

Own Rightmove shares?

Added by Ben on 2011-10-14 11:53:04

We have cancelled our rightmove account, as it was just too expensive.

Have now joined up with Zoopla and are getting the same / more hits.

At least zoopla have been advertising on TV to get people on their site.
Added by HD on 2011-10-14 11:51:44

Fully agree with Tom smith below.

All of these companies under one Umbrella, confusing the public. Merge them properly into one site and have a super site.

When Find A property were alone, they were top of there game, since under the TDPG banner, its got worse and worse.
Added by Pad on 2011-10-14 11:51:30

Quite right - why spend thousands on an ad on someone elses website and then spend 200 quid on yours. Vendors WILL look at our websites before instructing. Quick plug to our magnificent website developers at But seriously: if we removed our allegiance to these portals and just concentrated on our own websites then vendors and others would simply use the biggest and best and free portal on the planet: Google
Added by Shipside's Ampitheatre on 2011-10-14 11:50:37

Added by greg mathews on 2011-10-14 11:50:24

1 + 1 = 1, moves the needle on traffic / leads, reduces cost base but does nothing for product innovation and offers Agents nothing new. Simply a meet too rightmove offering for both comsumers and agents

Now if google or facebook had bought them I'd sit up and take a bit more notice
Added by Tom Smith on 2011-10-14 11:47:20

Some very creative visitor numbers due out soon, combined Zoopla, Findaproperty, primelocation, globrix - but each visitor looking at same property 4 times over on different URLs.... what most will do is just use Rightmove - much easier.

Clear this mess up Milner, decide on your brand and do a proper Merge

Added by Angus Shield on 2011-10-14 11:46:28

I do hope this works. We have all been waiting for a strong contender to the RM dominance. Our firm cancelled its 5 RM accounts last year with little measurable effect. DPG, Homeflow and our own website keeps our letting portfolio constantly active with enquires (we are Win iltshire & Hampshire). I hope that RM now reassess their unfortunate arrogance as the consumers (agents who pay the lethal subs), do have an alternative with reasonable and increasing brand saturation; agreed RM have the historical advantage. Do you all Hoover or Dyson your carpets? I really want this to work for the right reasons and not for the DPG to elevate their subs similar to that of RM but one must acknowledge RM's success to date with branding/conditioning the general public.
Added by Mark on 2011-10-14 11:43:23

Good news!

How else are they going to compete with rightmove unless they merge!?

Rightmove have turned into a monster that like to advertise countrywide services, so as Agents, lets get behind this merger and start talking up TDPG to our Sellers and Landlords!

Added by Pete. T on 2011-10-14 11:43:19

Will the last newspaper group standing in classifieds please turn out the light :-) Bet DPG has taken a hit on its balance sheet with devaulation of Primelocation and Findaproperty. Surprised Zoopla didn't wait a little longer and get more than 50% share of new entity as DPG is only going one way.
Added by Rip Off Rightmove on 2011-10-14 11:43:07

One brand please!

It will be the highlight of my decade when I can tell RM to feck right off.
Added by ritezoop on 2011-10-14 11:38:17

so now when we talk to vendors regarding the web sites we will be putting there property on 2 plus our own hmmmmmmmmmm what the...
Added by marky Mark on 2011-10-14 11:35:27

Which Direct Debit do I cancel then?
Added by Chris Clarke on 2011-10-14 11:34:38

For all and everything RM is cheap.

Really cheap.

£6000-£7000 per year for RM.

£50,000 per year for the local newspapers.


Either RM or Zoopla or TDPG?

Or all 3.

Still WAAAAYYY cheaper than local paper.

And I would suggest that *most* potential vendors check you out online (RM/ FAP/ PL/ Zoopla/ your own website) first.
Added by Anna on 2011-10-14 11:34:33

No one benefits except DPG. If they can now compete with Rightmove then they will be able to command the same ludicrous amounts of monet. To have competition we need more than 2 competitors. Even on one site there are 25 portals listed and Im sure there are many more. Why cant we use as many as possible instead of narrow mindingly using the main 2 then there would be competition and service/price stability and value. Its our own fault as agencies.
Added by Alby S on 2011-10-14 11:34:29

MartinT, yes or we could go straight for the accurate WrongMove.

5k in fee's, what revenue are you earning from them , if you can honestly say your ROI isn't far greater then its simple come off the site.

Oh but I forgot we need someone to rail against
Added by Dan on 2011-10-14 11:31:59

Chris Clarke...

See Jeroen comment...

That's why!
Added by MartinT on 2011-10-14 11:31:04

Can't they just change the name to and then we can all jump ship from RM..and save about £5k a year.
Added by shite move on 2011-10-14 11:30:44

Added by wardy on 2011-10-14 11:30:13

buying shares in RM as we speak
Added by Chris Clarke on 2011-10-14 11:29:58


Why the redacted expletive?

Bloody good news I would have thought!
Added by Jeroen @ XanderMatthew on 2011-10-14 11:29:36

And naturally prices will be increased sharply as with rightmove.... can't wait!
Added by Dan on 2011-10-14 11:27:17

Added by Chris Clarke on 2011-10-14 11:26:45

So what will it be called?





Honestly, the brand is so bloody dilute.

The first thing they should do is create one solid brand, Zoopla! being the strongest and just point all the other websites there.

Agents would benefit, users would benefit & ZTDPG would benefit.

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