Tenants queue up for open house viewing as demand soars

Monday 12th April 2010
Written by Rosalind Renshaw
A Dorset letting agent which took on a rental property was forced to hold an open house viewing session for 18 prospective tenants three days after listing it.

Michael Betteridge, pictured, of Belvoir Poole and Westbourne, said: “We took the property on a Monday. Because there were tenants still in it, we couldn’t do viewings until the Thursday, so we decided to do an open house, viewing in batches of five. We then offered them to the landlord and helped him decide which would be the best tenant.”

He said his office was “madly busy” with many rental properties being snapped up within two hours.

ARLA has warned that the shortage of decent rental stock is the biggest challenge currently facing letting agents.

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Added by undervalued on 2010-04-12 16:40:50

Me thinks he should have appraised it properly. If it was that busy he should have got at least £100 more for his landlord..haha cant win can you..
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