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Company: Integra Property Services
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Do I do sales? yes
Do I do overseas sales or lettings? Both
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Posted Date: Wednesday 2nd November 2011
RICS has punched below its weight for too long in residential matters and so this is an interesting and welcome development. As the inaugural Chair of the Residential Faculty (2000-2003) I worked hard to try and raise RICS position within agency arenas and was unsuccesful at the time in trying to take the NAEA under the RICS wing as the residential arm of the Institution with NAEA members being "given" at TechRICS level membership. RICS has a Royal Charter which requires it to be a professional body and act in the public interest at all times. Assoc RICS is not a "fill in a form and pay some money" qualification, it is a valid qualification that has to be earned and a real attenpt by RICS to be less "high brow" and open membership up to a wider audience without the need for a qualifying degree and full RICS status. With the NFoPP and NAEA shooting themselves in the foot at every turn I believe RICS' timing is opportune but they still have a lot to do to get the message across about what a Chartered Surveyor is (and the value of the qualification) in estate agency circles - not allowing the designation Chartered Estate Agent is a major hurdle here. Yes, I'm sure RICS would like to regulate the world and NFoPP would like to be the RICS. I currently have a foot in both camps but would prefer to see RICS as the professional body and NAEA as a trade association. I don't expect anything to shake out too clearly too quickly.
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Posted Date: Wednesday 4th January 2012
Perhaps Ros should be heading up the NFoPP! The most telling response being to PBKs question (after a diatribe on waht the NFoPP has done for us!) as to what the industry thinks of the NAEA, ARLA etc I think you should ask the members! Brilliant.
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Posted Date: Wednesday 11th April 2012
I wish PBK well but talks of a merger or takeover are premature. I was the inaugural chair of the RICS Residential faculty when we had the referred to "discussions" previously. At the time there was much feeling on "both sides" with the NAEA Presidential Line being anti (possibly due to losing their day in the sun) and large numbers of RICS members (particularly QS's (the largest voice) worried about letting a load of "unqualified" estate agents into the fold. For the record, I do not recall any "agreement" that HDH would have subsequently led the Residential Faculty. Since then the emergence of NFoPP has not, IMHO, been a great success and currently seems to be falling between the two stools of trying to be a professional body or a trade association and doing neither well. RICS has punched below its weight in Residential for some time. New President Alan Collett is a residential man by background and I helped produce the competences under the Assoc RICS qualification to allow more people to move through the previously overly restrictive RICS qualification route. I hope that the move signals a greater emphasis in RICS on Residential matters. For the NFoPP maybe a chance to look at what it is they should stand for and, more importantly, represent?
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Posted Date: Friday 20th April 2012
The real @GrantShapps is almost as amusing with his penchant for self publicity and complete lack of "joined up" thinking or coherent housing policies. Boy Wonder to Mr Pickles' Fatman, they are more Del and Rodney than Caped Crusaders!
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Posted Date: Wednesday 26th September 2012
All data complies with DPA and if someone registered with TPS then phone numbers will not be available. Land registry data is often out of date (address given at time of registration has been let and owner moved elsewhere for example) and no phone numbers. Time is often of the essence in getting to a potential landlord or property owner and this service can provide an answer. Cost may initially seem high but not when you look at cost of sending a negotiator out on a largely futile mission to deliver 100 leaflets in an hour, it isn't. As with everything, it is not cost but value that counts. One commentator mentions Rightmove - not cheap but clearly providing value. Targeted data - not for everyone but for those that want to obtain and who use it well - it can be very effective.
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Posted Date: Wednesday 26th September 2012
Interesting debate and all opinions appreciated. On the basis that it is the points of differentiation between businesses that matter, then this can help provide a point of differentiation. No-one is suggesting this will replace other forms of marketing/canvassing but it can compliment. Obviously not for everyone but lots are making very productive and effective use of data.
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Posted Date: Monday 29th October 2012
Move On. Interesting and slighty contradictory comment: You say you keep your name in the local paper once a month yet also say it is a waste of time. Why advertise at all?
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Posted Date: Wednesday 7th November 2012
Congratulations 35 years with one company is an exceptional record and well worthy of praise. Like me, you obviously started when you were three!
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Posted Date: Friday 9th November 2012
Well done Ed Williams. By any standards he has been at the helm of a very successful ship.
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Posted Date: Monday 10th December 2012
Good luck to Mark. Understand he is taking on cleaning contract too. Just hope he doesn't tire himself out moving all those deckchairs around!
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Posted Date: Friday 11th January 2013
Looks good but hardly "breaks new ground". Four landing pages - Really? No doubt they will link to specific pages with other advertising but the main site has something remarkably like a "Home Page"! Do we assume each individual franchise will promote their "microsite" rather than the main brand? Why?
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Posted Date: Monday 8th April 2013
Ah the re-emergence of the "stealth board"! "How to put your home on the market without broadcasting it to the neighbours" - doesn't sound compelling Neither does fact that a potential buyer would have to register with the agent and get an App to be able to use - if they do that why wouldn't they alreadv have property details etc? If the NFC board is so discreet then a potential buyer wouldn't spot it on off chance anyway (unless the neighbours told him/her)! Perhaps the boffins should consider spending some time in the real world.
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Posted Date: Monday 2nd December 2013
Brilliant. Great story of an estate agent who truly delivers!
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Posted Date: Wednesday 4th December 2013
Why give them the oxygen of publicity Ros?
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Posted Date: Wednesday 8th January 2014
Best wishes and thanks to Ros and best wishes to Graham and Mike coming on board. I don't think Ros has "retired" so expect to see her involved in industry news and journalism for a while yet.
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Posted Date: Wednesday 15th January 2014
Whilst everyone would agree that buyers should be well prepared to put themselves in a strong position this poorly judged press release just shows how little the lawyer knows about the market and who an agent acts for. Would she prefer an agent blocked potential buyers from viewing rather than give them a fair crack at the whip at an open house or sealed bids or that the seller should miss out on achieving the best price from the best buyer? I'm sure this has got something off her chest but has done little to enhance Boodle Hadfield's (that's Boodle Hadfield) working relationship with agents. Remember for every buyer there is a seller and I don't hear their lawyers wingeing.
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