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Posted Date: Thursday 22nd October 2009
Well said Monkey Tennis. Richard is suggesting that good agents are open for their fees to be undercut. I put it to Richard "this is not true", Only GREEDY agents leave themselves open. For example, If I were selling a £1mil. house and the first agent came in at,say, 1.5-2%, then another came in at, say,0.75-1%, thats a saving to me of around TEN THOUSAND, when I then go back to the first agent and ask "what are you doing extra that costs 10K", the answer is "not very much". So who will I choose? Before agents start whining about touts they should put their own house in order, stop bieng so greedy and actually do some work for a change. It costs very little to give a VERY good service and by reducing your fee's you may find an increase in turnover."Well fancy that". "Oops" I forgot that means more work.
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Posted Date: Wednesday 21st October 2009
"Touts"(if you dont like them). "People using initiative to increase business"(if you do). Bottom line. If you are offering the best service, the best online presentation, at reasonable fees, why on earth are you worried by touts?
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Posted Date: Wednesday 9th December 2009
Does anyone know what website he was looking at? I've exhausted my supply
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Posted Date: Wednesday 9th December 2009
I've said it before and I'll say it again...If you're doing a good job, why are you worried by touts?
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