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Posted Date: Friday 11th June 2010
Thank you for your many words of support folks. As the perceptive ones will have realised this was an attempt to jerk people into action. It worked. I note that MP did not refer to my letter to him advising that since HB payment to me had been restored, the landlord was not intending to enforce the court order and that his constituents could remain. Funny that. I have a feeling there is a personal issue here with my MP. I make no apologies for what I wrote. I would do the same again - but do not forget - the whole of the letter was not reported. EAT has seen much of the correspondence and confirms we did all we could to help these people. 01736 366544 if you want to speak to me. Antony
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Posted Date: Friday 12th November 2010
So thats the charter for bad landlords. Seems to me rather than pay TDS huge sums each year, all we need to do is register a deposit if there is a potential problem and we're in the clear. Any wonder I have little faith in the judges?
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Posted Date: Wednesday 9th February 2011
Sometimes you just have to bite back. When you know you are not going to deal with this person again but more to the point do not want to why accept unjust criticism? The office was obviously driven to distraction by this journalist. I say well said Mr Morris.
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